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Friday Night


Water Aerobics and Adult swim

Please read​​

In compliance with a directive from Neshaminy, all Community aquatics programs will close from 3/12/20  until further notice

​                                           Learn to swim program

Although we have not yet worked out the details, all our customers will be offered 2 options.

1) A full refund -How we will do this and the timing of your refund needs to be figured out but it's in our plans.

2) Full credit for a future program- This will be done along with an offer of "priority registration" - no waiting in line- in our next program. You will be offed the opportunity to register early for future programs when using this credit slip.  Again, it's all in the details

Fill out one request per swimmer and please do so only once. The "mini -program" we once offered has been scrapped. 

No matter which option you select we will need a little time to work out the details.This will be a slow process. At present the district is closed. Keep an eye on this website for future announcements. Also,  please wait until you are contacted by us to communicate your preference

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