Lifeguard Recert 2020

Due to the current Covid19 problem the Red Cross has generously added a feature which allows you to extend your current certification for 120 days if you are currently certified. Please read the info  below, copy  the link, and follow directions. If and when we reopen I will have have the information on this site which will allow you to make that extension good for another two years.   

There is a free 120 day extension for guards that expire from Feb. 17-June 15.

It is NOT automatic. You have to do something. Go to the link below.It will take you to a page with a list of courses. The second one on the list is the 120 day extension.  Follow the directions. There is no cost even if they ask you for a card, it will not be charged

Caution: There is an organization online called who will charge you $30 for doing what you can do yourself for free. Deal only with the Red Cross website

You may have to copy and paste this link:




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