Neshaminy Community Aquatics




Class Prerequisites and Course Descriptions

PARENT/CHILD-6 months to approximately  3 years. Students will be acclimated  to the water, safety skills and holding positions will be stressed . This is not really a "learn to swim class" it is more accurately a "get happy and comfortable in the water" class.  YES--skills will be learned, safety will be stressed, fears will be conquered.  A good time will be had  by all. Very few will leave this class swimming like Michael Phelps 

PRESCHOOL:- 3+ to about 5 -a flotation device is used. Swimmer must be comfortable in the water WITHOUT  a  parent. Must be able to follow directions. Students will use the entire pool.- yes the deep end too. We will teach the basics of confidence in the pool. arm and leg motion. Students will be gradually weaned from the flotation device. This is a great "entry level" class for swimmers who are notquite ready to go it alone  and still need the confidence builder of a flotation device. 
Level 1  and Level 2-  Generally 5+ years. Must be tall enough to stand (3' 8") . Must be comfortable without a flotation device. Entry level class. Basics of swimming and floating taught.  Now we are ready to really swim but lots of time will be spent on  body  position, floating and kicking.  We will work on both front and back body positions. The basis of freestyle (crawl)  and  some  backstroke will be addressed. Lots of repetition. Minimum of deep water work in level 1 more in level 2. 
​​Level 3 is best looked at backwards. It is our goal that at the end of level 3 that a student is, among other things, be capable  of swimming the entire length of the pool in a manner that most people would consider swimming. We are not talking "getting there - they've done that many times  in level 2 but now they are swimming. This is where we feel the child is finally safe around the pool. That doesn't mean we ( parents)  don't keep an eye on them anymore but they should be competent when they finish  level 3. We will continue to work on strokes but also dedicate some time  to building stamina .  

Levels 4 -5-6  continue to develop strokes ( back, breast ,side, fly, some diving) Sometimes these classes resemble a swim practice. You will see the students not only working on the various skills but doing laps in the target stroke. Generally the higher the number of the class the more distance is expected. We will also combine these classes from time to time when numbers dictate it. 

The descriptions found below are generalizations - at best.
They are designed to assist you as you select the proper class for your swimmer .  NOTHING IS CARVED IN STONE. Classes will vary from pool to pool and from class to class.  Our staff will assist you at regsitration to pick the proper class.  and we  will also advise you should we feel your swimmer needs to be challenged more or less.  Our goal is to help your swimmer to continually improve his/her skills. The level  number of the class is simply that --a number.
 Improving swimming skills is our goal- not changing levels